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Guess where I was at 5:40am this morning?

Not tucked away underneath my pillow-top mattress on this dreary Monday morning as most sane people were.

I was dragging myself to the gym to get my quality time in on the elliptical. Summer is rapidly approaching and my body is not ready. I’m a chronic overeater with absolutely no control over what I put in my mouth so these are the breaks.

So I’m back in the gym, again, first thing in the morning, burning the calories off before I start putting them in.

As you know, I couldn’t do it without the music. I’ve had a few people over on Twitter ask me for my workout playlists. I find that’s a very individual thing. You have to listen to the music that gets you motivated. The song that makes you want to push on for that extra five minutes.

For example, Bobby Valentino’s “Slow Down” may seem like a random song to include. However, it reminds me of a warm summer night when I was on the dance floor in the arms of the most finest, tall chocolate man ever. I was about 20lbs less than I am now and killing them in a wrap dress and strappy heels. All was right in my world. I want to be back there, figuratively. Well literally too, but that’s another post.

So although I’m sharing my playlist here, it’s important for you to find the songs that move you…and the exercise for you as well. I plan to mix it up with some zumba, yoga, bellydancing and jazzercise. I also walk 2-4 miles around a scenic lake as well on the warm days. Do what fits you.

So I’ll share my playlists with you periodically. I have a whole list and need to swap them out every couple of weeks or I’ll get bored. Feel free to share those songs that make you stronger in the comments.

35 Minute Workout Playlist

  • Remy Ma – Conceited
  • MIA– Sunshowers
  • Kelis – Milkshake
  • Kanye West– Stronger
  • Gwen Stefani – Holla Back Girl
  • Beyonce – Ring the Alarm
  • Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
  • John Legend – Green Light
  • Fugees – Ready or Not

45 Minute Workout Playlist

  • Beyonce – Naughty Girl
  • Koffee Brown – Afterparty
  • Busta Rhymes – Touch It
  • Mary J. Blige – Dance for Me
  • Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
  • Biggie – Machine Gun Funk
  • Michael Jackson – Workin Day and Night
  • LL Cool J – Jingling Baby
  • Missy Elliot– Work It
  • Mary J. Blige f/Eve – Not Today

60 Minute Workout Playlist

  • Keyshia Cole – Let It Go
  • MIA– Paper Planes
  • Rihanna – Pon de Replay
  • Santigold – You’ll Find a Way
  • Sean Paul – Temperature
  • Remy Ma – Conceited (remix)
  • Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started
  • Sean Paul – Gimme the Light
  • Outkast – BOB
  • Missy Elliot – Hot Boyz
  • Kirk Franklin – This is It! (Declaration)
  • The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin
  • TI – Swagga Like Us
  • Q-tip – Vivrant Thing (remix)
  • Buju Banton – Driver A
  • Bobby Valentino – Slow Down