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  • Shits and giggles+plus good music all in the latest episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio: The Wedding Bells edition. [via GGR]
  • Get to know half woman, half amazin femcee Tiye Phoenix. I’m digging her flow. [via Beatlife]
  • Be sure to cop Ayah’s new release, 4:15, and check out her snazzy new website.
  • Missed out on the World Music Conference again this year? Yea me too. Check out DJ Stylus wrap up with live video.  [via VC]
  • Paging Joy Denalane. Audio Diva has been revisiting her 2006 album Born and Raised. This is the last time we saw her. Let’s hope she hurries up this way again. [via AAA]
  • Watch video of songstress Maiysha’s road to the Grammys. [via Nu Soul]
  • Download for free.99 the album that DJ Stylus calls “the best hip-hop album of 2009,” Diamond District’s In The Ruff. [via Pinboard]
  • After checking hard for Yazarah’s 2008 EP The Prelude, I’m ready for the main course! Check out her interview with This Is Real Music.
  • Since this is the DJ Stylus edition of Blog Checka, I’ll also point you in the direction of the retrospective piece on his first 50 mixes  posted on his site for downloading.
  • While you’re downloading mixes, check out the Bama Love Soul podcast. Plenty of SITKOL-approved artists on this one. [via Bama Love Soul]