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I told you in  a previous post that I stalk Bilal up and down the East Coast. This was my fourth time seeing him this year. No shame in that. I got plenty of company. The man is just that sick with it.



He showed out, as usual, in between weed-induced ramblings that actually made sense if you listened reallll closely. I didn’t write down a playlist, but I managed to capture just about every song. Check out a few of my faves below and the other fifty-eleven of them are on my You Tube channel. (Side bar: I got a cute note from a dude in Baltimore thanking me for capturing the whole show, as he had to miss it because he was too tired to make the ride after being in school all day. I do what I do for true music lovers like that.)

The true highlight of the whole experience is that that I actually got to meet him this time. He was over doing a meet and greet and I ran over to get my t-shirt signed and to take a picture. I confessed that I was stalking him. He didn’t seem to mind.


Don’t ask me what they says.

I had to take the picture with my phone because my camera battery turned in for the evening before the concert ended. I neglected to mention I was on my second drink by then and they make them strong at the Black Cat. More like vodka with a dash of orange juice! So I’m loose off the goose at this point and must have pressed delete instead of save.

Get me a room at Heartbreak Hotel.

When I see him in Philly, how about I just say no?



Lord Don’t Let It

Hollywood (can’t stay still on this one!)