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by vivrant thang on makes me wanna holler


Oh make me wanna holler / throw up both my hands
Oh, make me wanna holler/They don’t understand

Read this mess that was posted a couple of days ago on the notorious celebrity gossip BTSNBN (Blog That Shall Not Be Named). It’s easy enough to find.


I am not an avid reader of the site, nor will I ever be. I have been there a few times in the past when linked there from other sites. As with all these kinds of blogs, they make their dollars by being habitual line steppers and stirring up controversy. Fine. They are reporting gossip after all. The celebrities revel in the attention.

However, there are certain lines you do NOT cross. How dare they fix their cyberlips to call a pillar of our community a “ho?” That’s a disgrace.

Some of the commenters are arguing that “Ho Sit Down” it’s a recurring theme on the site and that’s it been used for other celebs and public figures when they do something that the “BTSNBN” staff disagrees with. So why are we up in arms over “old ass” Maya Angelou? Besides, she actually is a former ho.

I know, I know. I’m close to the edge as well.

Because of all the controversy, which I’m sure they are thrilled about because hits equal dollars, the staff put up a silly “disclaimer” that of course appeased some of their ignorant commenters.

You see what I thought of it.

You can’t piss on Vivrant Thang and tell her it’s raining.

Maya Angelou is an icon in our community. She is an elder that has made invaluable contributions to our literary landscape and was an important figure in the Civil Rights Movement. If it wasn’t for these “chitlin-era” (WTF?) leaders, their (presumably) BLACK asses wouldn’t have a platform to talk the mess they talk on there. We are in fact standing on their shoulders. It’s okay to disagree with their actions and critique their ineffectiveness as it’s true that a lot of our leaders are in fact still stuck in the dark ages. However, it must be done respectfully. It’s unconscionable that she was mentioned or pictured anywhere near the word “ho.”

So let’s delve into the argument that they use the “Ho Sit Down” theme on the site for anyone in the public eye that says or does things they disagree with. They are using it for Maya because she came out endorsing Hillary with what they percieve to be a diss to Obama, who I guess is their candidate of choice.

 “As we saw in S.C., these old-timers are disconnected with what the people want.”

First of all, did I miss something? Obama did win big in SC and got some pretty huge endorsements after that. So what the  hell are they talking about? Was there another outcome that they wanted?

Then, they are disconnected with what the PEOPLE want? She’s talking about what SHE wants. Is she not entitled to endorse the candidate of her choice?

Again, this is the problem I have with these Obama stans (not to be confused with supporters, of which I am one). They attack anyone that isn’t voting for him, as if we all have one collective mind and are not allowed to think and evaluate a candidate individually. Somehow everybody with black skin better vote for Obama or you are a race traitor that needs to be taken out immediately. That mess pisses me off royally. Ya’ll ignorant negroes are always a day late, a dollar short, and a few bricks shy of a load when it comes time to get down with the “U-N-I-T-Y.”

Whatever the reasons, Maya chose to overlook the major Billary missteps and support “her girl.” Disagree with her? Cool. But don’t disrespect her like that. She doesn’t deserve it. Save those insults for Kwame Kilpatrick. Now that’s a proven ho that needs to definitely sit down!

What’s next? Is there a post coming tomorrow with Maxine Waters picture under, “Supaman this ho!”

Despite her endorsement of the Hillary, does anyone really think Obama wants the vote of anyone that would in any way associate Maya with the word ho? Do you really think he would approve of that kind of “support?”

I think not. Not my candidate. I don’t know who they are really voting for. What’s really going on? We are supposed to be running the upstanding campaign here. It’s ignorant to reference Obama’s name on anything like this. Wait until this story really catches on. It’s already spreading like wildfire.

And we were up in arms over Imus. I tell you, some of us sure got it twisted.

Now, let me go sit down…with a drink.

If I make it through this campaign, it will be a miracle.

If you care to want to have your say about this, here’s all the info you need.

Update: 1/31 : Verizon Wireless is pulling their advertising dollars from that site. Good. I don’t want my cell phone bill money going to fund foolishness.

Also, check out Afrobella’s commentary. She’s much more eloquent in her disapproval. Ya’ll know how I do.