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by vivrant thang on the daily news


I hadn’t mentioned the elections here because up to this point, I was undecided. My politics seem to most closely align with Edwards, but he’s not even a factor no longer in the race. Besides, I think he needs to be home with his wife and kids. Everything happens for a reason.

When considering Hilary and Barack, both had their pros and cons in my book. I’ve read up on their stances on the issues that are most important to me (economy, healthcare, Iraq, and civil rights). Both of them have plans that I could potentially support. I don’t align with either of them 100% and there is plenty that neither of them have addressed, particularly when it comes to the black community and black women. I’m a realist though. They are both running for President of the United States of America and they have to have a broad-based agenda in order to win. Besides, we have to get our own shit together and hold our own local leaders accountable for their actions before we can get larger agendas addressed (again, I’m looking at your dumb ass, Kwame Kilpatrick).

I took my time in selecting a candidate. I wasn’t going to be swayed by the threat of the revocation of my Black card if I didn’t support the Black candidate, which is what a lot of “Obama stans” are apparently threatening. I care about who is going to be able to reach across the aisles and get people working together to get this thing turned around. (I think there is too much animosity towards the Billary machine on the other side of the aisle.) We’re in trouble and I need to trust that my candidate can build a cabinet that is going to be able to rescue this sinking ship with a quickness.

So what is most important to me is having a candidate that is electable. I need someone who is going to win in November because I can’t take another 4-8 years of Republican domination. I don’t need another “decider.” It seems that a diverse population of folks feel that Obama  is electable, which is also important to me. I’ve finally decided to throw my support behind him as well.

Don’t get it twisted. I won’t be stanning for Obama. I won’t be berating anyone that chooses to support Hillary, despite how gully her and Bill have gotten. I won’t be staging blog attacks against anyone that doesn’t support my candidate or my views. This is America, people. We all have the right to choose…except if that choice is Republican! Seriously, I wish people would concentrate those energies on getting Obama into office and not on attacking people that don’t support him.

I’m not ignorant. I realize that for the first time, we really have a shot at getting a black man into office. That’s huge. I know a lot of black people feel that as a community, we should all throw our support behind him. I reject that. Apparently, he rejects that as well. I’m choosing who I personally feel is the best, electable candidate. For those undecided, I hope that you do the same. 

On another note, I am also anxiously waiting to hear whispers on who he might consider as a running mate if he gets the nod. I know he will choose wisely, as that will have a huge impact. Should he get the nod, I hope that he chooses someone with a long resume to allay folks concerns that he is not experienced enough. I heard that just this past weekend from a friend who is supporting Hillary simply because of her experience.

Michelle Obama has also played a factor in my decision. From the very beginning, she has impressed me. There is something special about her. I know that she will be heard and keep Barack grounded. She won’t hesistate to call him on his mess if need be. I don’t see her simply hosting tea parties and keeping mum. She’s too intelligent for that. She will have her say, even if it isn’t until they are lying in bed at night. I also look forward to the possibility of seeing Malia and Sasha grow up in the White House. I know they won’t be acting a fool like those Bush girls. Michelle ain’t having that!

Now I’m not going to lie. I’m still very nervous. I worked the polls for the last election. I sat for 12 hours straight with barely one bathroom break checking off name after name until the words became a blur. I was stunned by the record numbers that came out, presumably to get Bush’s crooked ass out of office. Especially us. I was proud…and later sick to my stomach to see the election literally stolen by those crooks. I see what they can do. I worry about whether a black man…or a woman is electable in this United States of America.

I just don’t trust you like that, Amerikkka.

Although I am concerned that if Barack gets the nod, people will come out the woodwork and vote against him, I am letting all that go and believing that this country may just be ready for a change…a fresh face. I am proud of the campaign he has run this far. I am impressed by the people that are supporting him. I love how he has reinvigorated young people’s interest in the political process. Hell, I like how young and energetic HE is. All of these factors played a role in my decision.

I was also waiting to feel some kind of connection or sign as to which way I should go. I finally got one.

Obama held a townhall meeting in my family’s hometown of Kingstree, SC. He went really grassroots and that definitely warmed my heart on a personal level. My great-great grandfather purchased our family’s first piece of land and built a house back in the early 1960s. He had migrated north with my great-grandmother and then returned South to buy that land. I remember summers down there playing with the pigs and other farm animals. Life was oh so simple then. We just sold that house a couple of years ago, many years after my great-great grandparents deaths. But not before we all gathered there one last time. Brought back a lot of memories. I can appreciate him going to Kingstree, of all places, and talking to the people about what’s important to them.  My people.

Bottom line, candidates are going to say what they have to say on the campaign trail to earn your vote. Some say it better than others. Some are more believable than others. Both candidates have had their missteps, some much worse than others. However, I think people are tired of politics as usual. So am I. We do need a change because this country is headed to hell in a handbasket. Hell, we’re already there. I hope that Obama will be the one to bring about that change once he gets into office.

I will be watching the developments extra closely, particularly since I just accepted a new job that is very politically-involved. I expect to learn a lot. Now that I’ve chosen a candidate, I also plan to get involved in the campaign here on a local level.

I’m not going to lie ya’ll. More than anything else, this does something to me.


At the end of the day, just knowing that this strong, black woman got his back, I know he can do anything.