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by vivrant thang on daily news


I’m long overdue for a side eye of the week post. I guess you can look at this as a combination of side eye of the week and “makes me wanna holler” as several stories in the news this week either caused my side eye to twitch or depressed the hell out of me.

Coverage of the murder of the UNC Student Body President

Let me be clear. This was a heinous, senseless act and I am disgusted that two young, black males are accused of this crime. If  When they are found guilty, I don’t even want to think about what’s going to happen to them. If they are guilty, they deserve it.

My issue is not a nothing new. I watch the morning news while getting dressed and all I hear all about this case and similar cases like the coed in Alabama. Why do I have to go into the blogosphere to hear about the Lester Street murders? (I can’t even talk about the animal that committed this crime. Ya’ll already know I’d like to see him tortured, dismembered and then fed to a pack of rabid dogs).

phylicia.jpgThe slaughter of these adults and babies was surely one of the most tragic cases Memphis has seen and I had to go digging for information. Surprise – I couldn’t even find a direct link on CNN. However, they have 1000 stories on every aspect of the Chapel Hill case. I bet if I was to search on the Natalee Holloway case, I’d find 2000 posts. If I want to hear updates about Phylicia Moore’s case, again, I have to rely on the black blogosphere. Never mind the fact that she was in Ghana doing mission work and not pissy drunk and sneaking off to screw strangers.

Thank the Lord for new media.

Spitzer Debacle

Along these same lines, I am beyond tired of hearing about the Spitzer case. I am as disgusted by his hypocrital ass as I am at all the others that have come before him and will come after him. (Kwame, I’m looking at you first though because you won’t get the hell on. I don’t know who has a more disillusioned sense of entitlement, you or Hillary.)

Why must I endure all this coverage about the life of his hooker and how hooking is her mission in life? Oh I get it. Sex sells. Nothing will change that. I just am way over this trash thrown in my face in lieu of news that matters. I guess the problem is who it matters to. 

Kansas Woman Sits on Toilet for Two Years

When I saw this story, I literally had to read it a few times to fully comprehend it. Actually, I still can’t and I’m quite disturbed by the whole thing, including the boyfriend’s complicit behavior.

Some people will surely make a joke out of what is no laughing matter. Can you imagine the trauma this woman must have gone through to reach this level of psychosis? It happened in her childhood and she never got help. At this point, I just hope they can convince her to get treatment.

Dallas Woman Throws Kids and Self Off Bridge

0313busby.jpgI haven’t recovered from the horror of the Banita Jacks case and now this. Luckily, God wasn’t ready for them and their lives were spared, although I can’t imagine how the kids will mentally recover.

Yet again, the system has failed. The kids were taken away numerous times. They tried to help her regain control of her life, to no avail. Her family was well aware that she was beyond unfit, psychotic and suicidal. She was still allowed to maintain custody. And she goes and throws them off a freaking bridge into traffic. Do I entirely blame her? It’s hard not to. But the warning signs were there that she was deranged. No one cared about this black girl and her kids. I’ll try to find comfort in the fact that they didn’t end up rotting for months on end.

Mental illness is not a joke.

Geraldine Ferraro Comments

I’m not going to waste my time on her ludicrous comments. Besides, field negro handled it quite nicely. Just another reason for Black folks to tell Hillary what she can do with her “apology.” I’m wondering why she didn’t throw one in for slavery while she was at it. With the state of the housing market and these high ass gas prices, I sure could use that 40 acres and mule right about now.

One in Four Black Girls Has an STD


I wanted to do a separate post about this because I’m beyond troubled. Not surprised, but disturbed at how times have changed. My condo community shares property with a high school and so I get to see these girls daily. So yea, it’s no shocker.

I think back to my high school days when it was a big deal that so-and-so was “doing it.” I left high school and even made it through my first year of college with my virtue technically intact. Today, sex is par for the course. These girls are “inspired” to be Good Girls Gone Bad. Virginity is a joke. I get that. I don’t believe in preaching abstinence. We are so far beyond that. The cherry is busted and apparently diseased.

We’re talking about HPV as the most prevalent disease they are infected with. Pretty soon, we’re going to be talking more about those other three letters. 70% of new cases were Black women. If we don’t find a way to reach these teens, we’re going to see that age group making up a larger percentage.

When I think about the Little Miss Vivrant Thangs I’ll have someday, I just want to lock them away from this world until they are grown. Likely they would emerge and become raving whores. What’s a child raised by a no-shit-taking baby boomer to do?