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I don’t make mention of very many artists’ birthdays here. However, Marvin Gaye’s music is one of the biggest foundations upon which I’m building this blog. I have used “Inner City Blues/Makes Me Wanna Holler” and “What’s Going On” to write some of my most poignant, important posts.

Not to mention, there are currently six of his songs on my Favorite Songs of All Time list, with more to be added. Very few artists will have that many songs on the list when it’s all said and done…if it is ever done.

  • Distant Lover
  • Sexual Healing
  • If I Should Die Tonight (sigh)
  • Til Tomorrow
  • Just To Keep You Satisfied
  • You Sure Love to Ball

We miss you, Marvin.

Happy 69th Birthday.

“Got To Give It Up”

“What’s Going On/ What’s Happening Brother” (definitely worth watching. LISTEN.)
An excerpt from a DVD of some of Marvin’s greatest live performances on TV and film, “Real Thing: In Performance 1964-1981,” This live performance comes from the long out-of-circulation 1973 film, “Save The Children” with James Jamerson on bass.

Please join one of my favorite soul sites, Soul Commune over the next couple of days  as they pay tribute to Marvin, the man and the music.  While you’re there, join the community!

If you’re a Marvin fan, post some of your favorites in the comments. If I was up to it, I would have stopped by the bar/restaurant named for him that opened up here in DC late last year. Should be rockin in there tonight.

*Also, please check out Harlem’s beautiful tribute post over at Soul Bounce.

** Had to come back and mention one of my favorite tribute albums, Marvin is 60. I’m not a fan of many tribute albums. Some of them are a DISASTER, no matter how many heavy-hitters you pull in. However, “60” was actually very well done. Stand-outs for me include:

  • the collabo between Erykah Badu and D’Angelo on”Your Precious Love”
  • Brian McKnight did a great job on my favorite, “Distant Lover”
  • Will Downing crooned out a great rendition of “You Sure Love to Ball”
  • Montell Jordan, “I Want You”
  • Who didn’t want to “…Get It On” with Gerald Levert
  • Chico Debarge made you want to stay “Til Tomorrow”
  • Kenny Lattimore definitely kept me “……Satisfied”