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by vivrant thang 

So many things almost made your girl’s side eye explode this week.  I am still fighting what has turned into a very nasty cold so I just don’t have the energy to write a proper Side Eye of the Week Week Week post today.

At the top of my list  though are Hillary and Kwame, who are both making my blood boil more as each day passes.

Hil, GIVE IT UP, TURN IT LOOSE. We’re so weary of your lies and alibis. You are driving this election right into McCain slimy little hands. You can’t get Obama’s votes. And now we know you can’t get Edwards either.  If you stole the nod, there would be an ridiculous surge in “McCain Democrats” and we’d probably be assured four more years of Bush. Calgon, take me away.

Kwame has already “felt” my wrath and so shall the “prominent businessmen, power brokers and politicians” (who were probably  at the stripper party at the Mansion) behind this foolishness. Why the hell should anyone pass the plate for this negro? Can we take up an offering for the poor people of Detroit? Most of them will never see his $175K salary in their lifetimes. “Hip-Hop Mayor,” time to trade in them polka dots for some stripes.

For goodness sakes, I just want these two to beat it.

Thank the Lord for good music in times like these.

Stevie Wonder and Omar, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”
(I’ll try, Stevie. I’ll try.)

Stevie Wonder, “Sir Duke”

On another note, I’ve been steadily updating my “Top R&B and Soul Songs”  list. It remains my most popular post. It’s now up to 91 and growing daily. Check it and let me know if I’ve added some of your faves.

I’ll be in NYC tomorrow seeing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Pray that this Nyquil-induced coma I’m about to put myself in works!