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I’ve been wanting to start posting weekly videos of some of my favorite songs, but there needed to be some kind of theme. Also one of my blog goals for this year is to interact with more bloggers.

It was right on time when I happened upon this weekly meme over at Mrs. Grapevyne’s spot  where every Friday participants feature old school music (defined as pre-1993) with a different theme. Right up my alley since about 90% of the tunes on my Top Songs list (which has gotten unmanageable!) are definitely pre-1993!

This week’s theme asked us to pick songs we want to hear at our weddings. This one was pretty easy since I’ve already chosen some songs in my Soundtrack to My Life meme.

Songs on the list that are “old school”:

  • Latest Greatest Inspiration”-Teddy Pendergrass (1981)
    (”You’re my latest, tell you you’re my greatest, my latest, my greatest inspiration, you inspire me, you just keep on lifting me up now, higher higher”)

  • “Betcha By Golly Wow”-Stylistics (1971) – I actually prefer Phyllis Hyman’s version but it’s not “old school”
    (”Betcha by golly Wow!, You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for forever, Forever will my love for you keep growing strong, keep growing strong”)

  • A Song For You”-Donny Hathaway
    (”I love you in a place where’s there’s no space or time”)(*Damn….)

This is not a video but a recording of a live performance. Sends chills up my spine.

  •  I’m Gonna Make You My Wife”-Whispers (1977 – a damn good year!)
    I’m gonna make you my wife,  Cause you’re my everything, all my hopes and dreams come true, I can’t live my life wth you”)
  • Adore”-Prince (1987)
    (If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I’d still see”)

Let me hear your old school wedding songs in the comments. Gotta keep it old school now – nothing after 1993! I had to take some good ones off my list. You have to suffer with me.

Here are a links to the other participants in Old School Fridays. Be sure to check them out. Great trips down memory lane: