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My Ipod is literally about to explode with all the good music I’ve been listening to lately and I’m going to do my best to share as much as I can here.

I chose these two artists because I don’t believe in coincidences. Riding back into town on Sunday evening, I heard a song on the radio that had me grooving and wondering “Who is that?!” When the announcer said it was Leigh Jones, I made a mental note to check her out since I hadn’t heard of her before.

Today, while cleaning out my e-mail box, I found a note a friend sent a few days ago advising me to check out  Leigh’s music and pointing me to her Myspace page. You don’t have to tell me twice!

Meanwhile, as I was checking out one of the music sites I frequent, they were talking about Tawiah, a female UK singer. I already found out that she was Bounceworthy earlier this year and since then, her EP has been on my radar. After the reminder, I made a mental note to push it to the top of the list. Wouldn’t you know one of my favorite readers from the UK must have been getting his Dionne Warwick on because the EP just happened to show up in my box the other day.

Vivrant doesn’t believe in coincidences so obviously I need to bring this music to somebody out there.

Many would call Leigh Jones’ music “blue-eyed soul. ” That’s what they call it on her official website. Blue-eyed, brown-eyed or purple-eyed, this is plain good music. She was “mentored” by Berry Gordy and Stax records exec Al Bell and her album, Music In My Soul, dropped on September 9th.

Great mix of jazz , soul and a little funk thrown in make for an album with absolutely no skips. She has an edge that I like and many of her lyrics are sassy and in your face. She even dared to touch one of my top fifty songs, Debarge’s “All The Love” and I was still grooving.

Check out  a few of my favorite tracks from Music In My Soul. You can check out the entire album on her Myspace page.


“Sick Of Fools”

“Cold In L.A”.

You already know I got love for UK Soul. You should remember Tawiah from that list. Now that I’ve finally got my hands on her EP, In Jodi’s Bedroom, I am checking for her even harder. I first heard her on Eric Lau’s New Territories and loved her soulful sound over his dope beats.

In Jodi’s Bedroom is six tracks of pure hotness. Check out a couple of songs from the EP as well as a song from Eric Lau’s album. Visit her Myspace page to cop your own.

“Broken Heart”

“Boy From Da Endz”

“I Don’t Do It To It” from Eric Lau’s, New Territories

Let me know what you think of these artists in the comments. I will be rocking these ladies all week in honor of the female songstresses and femcees coming to town for Can A Sistah Rock A Mic? which kicks off tomorrow. If you will be coming out, please hit me up!