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This past weekend sure was musically delicious.

I know, you’ve heard it all before. It’s true every single time. That’s just the life I live.

It started on Thursday night with Teedra Moses and Muhsinah. Fresh from her show in NYC, Teedra came on down to DC for two nights to show love to the place that always gives that love right back to her ten-fold.

After Muhsinah performed about six songs to warm up the crowd, Teedra took the stage in a figure-flattering, butter-colored wrap dress. She opened her set with one of my favorites, “You’ll Never Find.”

The more she moved and grooved, the wrap dress did what they do unless pinned – unwrap!

Code 10, Woman down, tittays out.

The show must go on and Teedra handled it like a real G. She simply stepped to the side and handled her business while performing the title track from her album, “Complex Simplicity.”

The wardrobe malfunction made us love her even more.

Unlike last time she was in DC, she performed a full set, hitting most of the crowd favorites. I’m glad she got the memo cause I would have been more than happy to call her out again – in a loving way of course.

Just like last year, there’s no word on when we’ll get an official album release. Meanwhile, we’ll have to continue to enjoy her mixtape, Young Hustla Vol II: Live from the Jungle and her live performances.

Here are a couple of videos I captured of her set. You know the drill. The full set is over on the You Tube channel. I’m sure you all know that though since you’re subscribed. Right? Muhsinah’s entire set is there as well.

New music from the album (whenever that will be!)

Cover of the Gap Band’s “Yearning for Your Love”

I had occasion to meet her briefly after the show and take pictures but they turned out terribly so I won’t embarrass myself by posting them. However, in that brief time, she was as warm and sweet as she comes across on stage.

Whatever she puts out, please support it. I just wish she would go the independent route and put her own stuff out. Her base is strong and would definitely cop it. They are yearning for it. Let’s hope she delivers…and soon!

Stay turned for a review of the next night’s show…Omar!

Update: I’m a mixtape behind! Cop Young Hustla III: Lionhearted.