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Update: The press conference went down in NYC yesterday and Butta of SoulBounce was front and center. Check out her flicks from the event.

Get ready to send some hateration and holleration her way because yes, she did meet him up close and personal!

Of course you know she has live video. Check it out!

On Saturday afternoon, while most everyone was out playing in the sunshine, very quietly, without pretense, Maxwell tweeted what appears to be the tracklist for his upcoming album, Black Summer’s Night. You should already know it will be in stores on July 7th. But I, my friends, shall be getting a sneak peek at the Essence Music Festival. Hate on haters! 🙂

According to his tweets, on Friday,  he was headed to master the album. Then the next day he just randomly tweeted several titles in a row. I was confused until I saw “Pretty Wings.” It had to be the track list!

  1. Phoenix Rise
  2. Playing Possum
  3. Help Somebody
  4. Fistful of Tears
  5. Stop the World
  6. Love You
  7. Pretty Wings
  8. Cold
  9. Bad Habits

TOO Short and sweet, yet intriguing!

For those skeptical susies out there, I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that it really is Maxwell tweeting. Can’t say how but Viv wouldn’t steer you wrong.

So it looks like we may be able to give our collective side eyes a much-needed rest. I think it will really happen this time. Looks like we will have a lot of little Maxie’s, Baracks, Michelles, Sashas and Malias making their debuts April 2010!

Stay tuned to SoulBounce (Did they catch swine flu on Spring Break or something? Nova does have a love jones for bacon. Just sayin.) to eventually get up close and personal coverage of the press conference for the album going down at Sony tomorrow.

Also, the video for “Pretty Wings” is completed and will be streamed here.

Note: I can’t confirm that this is the order the tracks will appear on the album. I’m just listing in the order he tweeted. I personally don’t care if  it went  B, C, A, F, D. Just as long as I see something on July 7th. Mmkay?