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I am truly at a loss over yesterday’s events in Connecticut.

For my international readers (hey ya’ll!) and those in the US who have been living in the deepest of caves, a monster forced his way into an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut and shot and killed 26 people. 20 of them were students. Babies. I literally feel sick to my stomach just typing this.

We don’t know why he did it. The coverage of this story and the misinformation being spread out there has been  horrific. I hesitate to link to any news source out there because the media has been disgustingly irresponsible in their coverage, putting out false information in a rush to be the first ones on the scene. We won’t talk about the cable news outlets and their tragedy porn.

President Obama’s statement about the tragedy in Connecticut was just painful to watch. While he is the President, he was also speaking as the father of two girls.

The only things that have been getting me through this (and all of the multiple tragedies this year) is time with loved ones, prayer and of course, music. Music heals.

Here’s a playlist I put together on my favorite music app, Spotify. (If you’re not on there, you should be. More on that later.)

I hope that this helps those out there that are hurting over this in some small way. Regardless of whether you are personally affected by this, it’s a national tragedy. Families are waking up today, if they even slept, without the babies they sent to school yesterday. To school. A child is waking up without his mother.  This is hard, ya’ll.

What songs do you listen to when you need to be lifted up in times of tragedy? If you’ve experienced a lot of loss in your family (as I have), what songs have helped you to heal? Help me update this playlist.