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It’s been almost a month since this concert, but life comes at you fast. Besides, I had a little ranting and edumucating to do before I could get back to the music. Never fear. I’ll always come back to the music.

I have to credit Butta with first introducing me to Teedra some two years ago. On a couple of occasions, I was consulting the expert on must-have albums I needed to have in my collection. She always put Teedra’s 2004 release, Complex Simplicity on her list of favorite albums. I downloaded some songs and gave them a listen, but was more excited about seeing her perform live . That’s when an artist truly cements their place in my heart. Leave the stage in flames and you’ll have a fan here for life.

I missed her when she came to the area last year. So when I heard she was coming back and that Eric Roberson was opening, I was all over it.

Ya’ll already know how I feel about the Erro concert experience. He never disappoints. He rocked with us for well over an hour, well beyond what you would expect from an opening act! The man loves the music and performing for the fans. I believe with a case of Gatorade up there, he could stay all night.

Of course I got some video.

New music from an upcoming album that I hope we’ll see sometime this year:

Head To Toe

At most shows, Erro takes random words thrown out by the crowd and freestyles on the spot…and the song actually makes sense! Plain and simple, that is pure talent because most times the words are extremely random.


By the time Teedra took the stage, the natives were restless, to say the least. One thing I can say is that Teedra has a strong fan base. They adore her and I think a fight would break out if anybody said anything bad about Miss Moses!

For her female fans, her songs have that relatable quality. You can identify with what she’s going through because you’ve been there and done that ghetto love thang.

It’s sassy and in your face, while still being classy. On You Better Tell Her, she lets her man know, “You better get that bitch told tonight!” After all, she’s wifey and it’s her name on the accounts.

For the men, you got this pretty, ride-or-die chick that keeps it gangsta but can easily flip it and get sultry and sexy, letting the man know she just wants to be with him.

Be Your Girl


As you’ll notice, the crowd knows each and every word to all of her songs. At times, you could barely hear her. I can imagine that’s got to feel good to an artist to have fans that have let their tapes rock til their tapes popped – and know all the words to your songs.


Despite how big she may one day become, she is always going to have that homegirl quality about her. I think you’ll always be able to imagine kicking it with her like regular folks. Check out her blog entry from last July when she announced that her album wouldn’t be out until this year.

Hey yall. Just letting you know that my album is not coming out this year. It has been push to the top of next year. Not my decision but I ain’t mad. It is what it is. I really am ready for yall to hear it though!!! I wish I could invite all of yall to my house. We’d have cocktails. I would cook yall some really good down home cajun dish. (You know New Orleans redbones are raised to show talent in the bedroom and the kitchen…. yada mean!) Me and The Black Moses Group (my band) could rock out in the backyard. Afterward we could get on some layed back sexy shit in my living room and listen to the The Young Lioness roar. Its funny, industry people think every artist hates their label, but in my case their wrong. I don’t hate nobody. I just don’t quite understand their logic. But don’t cry for me Argentina. I’m soooo Goood!! I don’t put my faith in a label my faith is in God, who reminds to have faith in myself and my team. God has a plan for me so no weapons formed against me will ever prosper. Its taken me a while to humbly accept it, but I am truly blessed with a talent from God. The world didn’t give it and damn sho can’t take it away. Thank yall for staying down so long, waiting so patiently and supporting so consistant and diligently.Showing up to everyshow packing the house singing loud and having fun with me. Telling all ya folks about me and always making me feel relevant in a musical climate that has forgotten the value of an artist that still makes music out of a love for it. I love yall for soooo many reasons. 1 reason is for the way you relate to me and just accept me for being myself and so many other reasons. Just so yall know, in 2008 I’m gunning for world recognition. Yall know i ain’t no superstar and never will be but Hot Dammit! I’m a natural born ROCKSTAR!!!!! and simply put I think the world should have a chance to witness a Young Lioness.


I think so too, Teedra.

The only criticism I have is that her headliner sets are way too short. It paled in comparison to Erro, who was opening for her! Seems like it should have been switched. I understand the same thing happened the last time she performed in DC. I heard several fans complaining about the price of the tickets in comparison to the show they got. They were there to rock with Teedra til the break of dawn! There were several songs she didn’t do and I felt she could have done some material from her upcoming maybe never coming release, The Young Lioness. Her fans are chomping at the bit and she left them wanting. That’s not always good.

Fortunately for her, someone was there to save the day. The crowd she attracts is similar to Raheem Devaughn’s and so it was no surprise that he showed up and did a number at the end of the show.


What I appreciate about artists like Teedra, besides her talent and stage presence, is the fact that she is so appreciative of her fans. She was very humble and sincere in thanking us for supporting her and loving her music.

On another note, although Teedra is not an independent artist, her humble spirit reminds me of why I will always support independent music. These artists are still hungry and are grateful for the people that are buying the tickets to the shows and dropping the money for their albums.

Despite the brevity of her performances, Teedra has something special and I’ll always support her music and her live performances.

For more information, visit her website or her Myspace pages:

Teedra Moses

The Young Lioness

More video from the show on my YouTube channel.