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It should go without saying that this is going down as one of the top live performances I attended this year. Ain’t nothing changed.


Something did change with this stop through DC for Phonte and Nicolay. At last, we had all of the artists that blessed Leave It All Behind on stage. DC showed it’s appreciation with a sold out venue.

Darien Brockington, who I last feasted eyes on when he performed with Little Brother here in DC back in 2007, rejoined the tour to lend his smooth and soulful vocals (and dashing good looks – but we’re focusing on the music here!)

While it was all peaches and cream seeing DBrock perform with Foreign Exchange, I made sure to badger him after the show as to when we will see another full length effort from him.

Sir, it’s been more than a minute.

1,577, 846, give or take a few, to be exact.

He said he was in the studio working on it. I’ve heard that before! So he shall continue to get the side eye of death until we get something more concrete – like a single perhaps.

Anyway we kissed and made up and and cheesed it up for a nice photo.


Couldn’t forget about Phontigallo aka Cat Daddy. He was in rare form as usual and looking quite suave and debonair in his Harlem Nights attire.


Enough preliminaries.

Check out a few videos from the show. You know, after listening to this album for the fifty eleventh time that morning and then seeing this show, I think I will go ape-shit, literally, on the next person who dares to bump their gums and say any of the following:

“There’s too much sangin!”

“Phonte needs to rap more!”

“This album ain’t like Connected!”

Evolve people. Seriously. I simply don’t understand anyone who doesn’t get this album. You’re a stranger to me.

As always, I got the entire show for you over at my You Tube channel. I’ll post different songs from the last review. They performed all of my favorites (and yours I’m sure). So head over to the channel and check them out. Subscribe while you’re there. More goodies coming!

All Or Nothing

Darien Brockington shining on Come Around

Something To Behold

Covering the Rude Boys Written All Over Your Face

Enjoy responsibly and support whatever they come out with collectively and individually.