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by vivrant thang on jesse jackson gets the side eye of the week


When I first got wind of this story last night, before the details developed, I just thought Jesse was talking slick again about Barack. Sipping out of that big cup of haterade that’s being passed around by our so-called “leaders.”

I wasn’t prepared for this.

What kind of fuckery is this? Somebody please tell me that Faux News framed him.

Afraid not because he issued this stumbling, bumbling “apology” which some feel that he should not even have made.

I’m not even going to address his contention that Obama is talking down to Black folk. While I don’t agree, that’s not even the issue.

Why would Reverend Jesse ,a black man who was active in the Civil Rights Movement and ran for President of these here United States of Amerikka, let anything about cutting another black man’s balls off come out of his mouth? Why was that even in his head? We don’t need that kind of rhetoric coming from our own people when there are plenty of white men (and women) who would love to string Obama up on a tree and get ahold of his nuts. Need I remind you? Jesse are you smoking that Pookie?

What is he really mad about? He wasn’t mad about how we looked when his very public and messy dirty laundry came spilling out of the closet in the form of a yet another illegitimate black child.

Doesn’t matter if he thought the mic was off. Soundbite my ass. Did you see that slicing movement he did with his hand? He was serious with it! Besides, this was Faux News. They had it in for his black ass the minute he stepped off the elevator.

It’s obvious that deep down he does not support Barack’s candidacy. Guess someone will be holding his nose and pulling that lever huh? So be it. We’re doing okay without you. We’re busy trying to give an old man a beat down so just put a muzzle on it, mmkay? I don’t want to hear from you. Don’t you have an outside kid to raise?

Jesse, for your foolishness, you are awarded the hardest bitch slap Michelle can muster and the Side Eye of The Week Week Week.

You know though, for all my ranting, this could turn out to be a good thing. Barack could be having his “accidental Sista Souljah Moment.”

While I got that good twitch going on, I want to share some thoughts inspired by a comment left on my Malia Obama post.

The problem is they are kids of today. Kids of today are TOO BRATTY. In addition, I think Michelle’s real problem is not her kids, but herself, turning her kids on her husband,. She likes to castrate him and often, perhaps the way Jesse would like to.

First, I do agree that many kids today are bratty. I was going to disagree when I first read this in the morning. But on my evening commute, I listened as a black father and his teen daughter talked about the phone he was going to buy her. She was rejecting the phone he wanted to get her because she didn’t want the same phone that everyone else had. She then suggested that he buy her an iPhone and he was actually amenable to it. When he saw my not-so-subtle side eye he started pretending to lecture her about how there was only one phone in the entire house when he was a kid. Whateva sucka. I put on my IPOD at that point. I see why the Lord took care of me when I wasn’t taking care of myself (kept me childless thus far.) By the time I finished with that little heffa, she would have been begging me to use Morse Code to communicate with her little friends.

That being said, I blame the father. I would have never thought to ask for an expensive ass smart phone. She is a kid without a j-o-b! What appointments does she have? He should have nipped that in the bud long ago. It’s all in how you raise these kids. My hair stylist told me that she taught her kids long ago not to even expect stuff like that and to be happy with the things they got. And they are. I believe that’s what the Obamas are teaching their kids. Therefore, Malia is not a brat.

This person is not alone in their assertion that essentially Michelle is a giant, angry black woman that walks around with Barack’s balls in her purse. Lots of people feel that way, which is part of the reason there’s the need for a site like Michelle Obama Watch. Obviously since I am a Michelle Obamaholic, my side eye explodes each and every time I come across these kinds of comments.

Amerikkka has not seen anything like this statuesque, dynamic and vibrant woman before and they just can’t handle it. She is not the Stepford Wife staring into space, waving like an empty headed pageant contestant. She is going to dap her man up, telling him with her eyes, “You that man, B! The world is yours! I got your back.”

I, for one, love how she keeps it real about her husband – that he is just a man and not some god that’s going to swoop into the White House and save the world overnight. America is not used to her brand of wit and I fear that she will have to change her rhetoric quite a bit a bit once the general gets under way. I already see it happening as a result of her “political makeover” and that saddens me. It’s already starting. What was with that Daisy Mae dress she had on during the Access Hollywood interview? It wasn’t “her.” Very subdued and matronly, even for a casual day out.

In any event, I know Michelle will do what she has to do to get her man in there, including snatching up the good Rebb’n Doctor. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when she heard that one!